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Principal Reduction: Is Debt Forgiveness Fair? {AOL Real Estate}

Aug 2nd 2012 4:02PM

If I rob a bank, I Get arrested and charged.. If I rob a citizen, using
my white collar knowledge in the lending industry... I get a huge bonus, and
the economy goes in the tank... so who's the crook here,, wall street , use ffraud and deception, with full knowledge and understand it was part of the
housing bubble,, and yet they walk away will millions,,, and the people who
got screwed are the ones being filified.. thats baffeling.

Willie Nelson Endorses Republican for President {PopEater}

May 18th 2011 3:42PM

No way, these Republicans have an agenda, worse then the Democrats. They want to continue , giving the rich more tax breaks, and let the corporations have a bigger share of your money. They also want to over turn roe vs wade. They are anti teacher, do not care about education. Will throw your mothers and fathers in the street when the privatize medicare. This is just another liar, to get your vote. Don't do it.

Walmart Losing Business, Looks to Retool {WalletPop}

Feb 23rd 2011 2:05PM

I found out in my google search, that Walmart is one of the biggest supporters of the Governors who are trying to break the Unions. Along with David Koch, they now have actual proof that these billionaires all are supporting the break down of the unions, the reason for that is Koch is in the coal industry, he wants to upset the balance of power, so he con circumvent envioremental laws that cost him millions of dollars. It's to bad the public thinks this is about teachers getting paid to much, but its really about a much bigger picture. It will effect every one who wants to live in a free society. When the rich, much like Tom Delay can control who wins political office.

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