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Homeowner Robert Phipps Says Neighbor's Solar Panels Are Blinding {AOL Real Estate}

Apr 29th 2013 7:56AM

The front of our house faces directly into the sun. Our solution? TINTED windows. Inexpensive and work wonderfully. Every problem has a solution. We also have roof solar panels and two skylights.
When I was little we had a crazy old neighbor who said the glare from my mom's car bothered her when she moved her chair to the window to "keep an eye on us". After having been aressted several times for beating the car with her wooden cane and not showing up for courtor therapy, she was put in a home.

Michelle Hansen Tags Home With Message to Chase Bank: You're 'Stealing' My House {AOL Real Estate}

Feb 10th 2013 2:26PM

So it's the bank's fault they want her to honro her mortgage contract?

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