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Pilot John Hamilton Wants Backyard Helipad, Neighbors Cry Foul {AOL Real Estate}

Mar 12th 2013 10:31AM

Im sorry. He seems like a nice man. But once the helipad is IN....what is to stop him from gettign a LOUDER helicopter?? Or MORE....or others doing th same thing.....not to mention it ISNT safe with these crafts flying over residential areas. Period. I dont want to BE FORCED to TRUST the abilities of these people who want to do it...

Hotels That Serve Glorified Prison Food For Breakfast {Gadling}

Aug 18th 2012 3:25PM

Its very simple. If you dont want it...dont eat it. If you do want it they provide you with the option. They certainly dont have to. Alot of places dont. BE grateful for what they DO have for your convenience....and stop complaining.

Babies and first class: why is this an issue? {Gadling}

Mar 13th 2012 11:29AM

Poor you. You had to "endure" a few hours of the company of a crying baby for the "courtesy of others". How utterly humane of you. Grow up and get over yourself. Nothing is more precious than a baby. Why dont all you who complain sit in the hole of the plan you suggest for infants and let the infants have the "comfort of the planes best" since they are not the ones complaining about you..but rather you are complaining about them. Babies cry. You complain. Whats the difference?? I would personally rather hear the babies cry. At least they are innocent about it. Your complaining is all about hating on babies and the inconvenience of having to "hear one cry".

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