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Carnie Wilson Fired From Diet Service for Eating Too Much Cheesecake? {PopEater}

Dec 1st 2010 10:32AM

Really benji. You need to get out of this country(if you really are here) and go to some of these nations that aren't quite as screwed up as ours. i would really like an example of a country that is not screwed up like ours. Since our is the "most screwed up". Have you actually been to other countries? I'm thinkin NOT.

High School Opts to Drop Fs From Transcripts, Some Say That's a Serious Fail {ParentDish}

Nov 17th 2010 9:54AM

The biggest problem I see in the whole article is "they get an F and move on". When a student EARNS an F, they aren't to move on. They are to be HELD BACK until they can EARN a passing grade. No?

Parent (Bleep)ing Mad Over Homework With Bad Words {ParentDish}

Nov 14th 2010 4:12AM

Take the power from the words. They are only words after all. You do this by TALKING about the power of the words and why they are so powerful. Not by hiding them and keeping the taboo in place.

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