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Realty Agent Fired After Allegedly Vandalizing Neighbor's Property {AOL Real Estate}

Jul 12th 2013 9:24AM

Still only #2 worst profession behind lawyers. You know, they're using lawyers for lab experiments these days. They found out there are some thing even rats just refuse to do.

UK Passenger Jet Barely Misses UFO {Gadling}

May 3rd 2013 7:24AM

No worries. Those alien pilots can handle their crafts much better than most airline pilots.

Vanishing America: The Drive-In Theater {Gadling}

Jun 4th 2012 9:58AM

We had a drive in that was awesome! First, it was located on the side of a hill. Second, the area was graded with the slope of the hill for the drive lanes, and parking spots that were graded to aim toward the screen. All was asphalt. There was a gap near the gates we could take our bikes in during the day when no one was around, and we would ride off the hill over about 15 ramps on the way down!
Then we turned up all the speakers near the side and back of the lot. We had a couple of good spots to watch from outside the fence. What good old days and memories! Also, this theater had an underground concessions and projection stand, rising just enough on the downhill side to project the movie. The theater was sold, went to showing '70's porn - which would barely garner an R rating today, with many storms and lightning strikes on-screen at 'certain' times (lol!) Sorry to say it didn't make it past the VCR era, which is what really killed the drive-ins. Today, it is only a flea market area with no screen.

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