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Cheney's Pre-Speech Criticism of Obama on Afghanistan Went Too Far {Politics Daily}

Dec 3rd 2009 2:25PM

Let's face it, no matter what Obama does the right wing conservatives would find fault with it.

Cheney was the cranky, old fool who drove much of our misdirected military strategy for years, while he was pulling the strings on his moronic Bush puppet. Cheneys failures are obvious and his opinion means nothing. He is a cranky, closed-minded fool, who should shut up and go away.

Obama proved that he can do the right thing with military input. He just does it in a thoughtful and balanced manner...especially when compared to the previous administration! The right wingers complained that Obama was taking too much time to deal with the Afghanistan policy, but he was actually carefully analyzing and researching the situation with our military experts. He seems to have support from the Pentagon and Robert Gates, so how can the Cheney and the far right-wing Republicans complain?

Carrie Prejean's Surreal Near-Walkout on Larry King {PopEater}

Nov 12th 2009 8:12PM

She is a vapid fool. She took pageant funds to get her boobs done, and participated in videos of masturbation, but suddenly she wants to act like Snow White, and she writes a book.

She is a media whore and an opportunist. Her three minutes of fame were up ten minutes ago. Go away Carrie.

Nicole Richie Gives Birth to Baby Sparrow {PopEater}

Sep 13th 2009 6:08PM

The parents are just a couple of imbecilic, talentless dolts, so it is no surprise that they picked contrived stupid names for their kids. Who cares anyway?

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