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Look of the Day - Madonna {StyleList (Main)}

Aug 16th 2010 6:43PM

Madonna has been shown without make up before. Without wash out lights, without being tarted up, she looks like an ordinary, goodlooking, 50 plus year old divorcee. Partly because she apparently hasn`t had the cosmetic surgery lazy, ugly, folks with ugly minds prefer to claim they assume. I knew Marlena Dietrich, whom Madonna used to look up to, when she was older, I was just a kid. Imitating middleaged women, I asked her to promise me not to do anything to try to stay young looking. She asked if she didn`t already look old. She was in her mid `50s. Didn`t look like a teen, looked her age, but gorgeous. Like Madonna, she always relied on talent, hard work, not just looks. Used to hang out with John Wayne, who was married, but then so was she, though her husband hadn`t seen her maybe for years, Wayne was still making babies at 60. Far far liberal? Never heard of Ron Reagan, Sen. Murphy, or a bunch of others? The nation turned to Obama because the alcoholic, dishonorably discharged from the national guard after one year draft dodging in the Guard plunged the country into a depression, which is still worsening, not because the country, or Hollywood, is "liberal". Madonna may be liberal, she may be one of the highly publicised few, but she is usually busy being a capitalist earning money hand over fist (which is a reasonable enough thing to do). And no, maybe she doesn`t care about us any more than she knows us, why should she? We are preoccupied with our own lives, why shouldn`t she be? Sean Penn can comment about himself, and will, but Carlos Leon and Guy Richie are neither black, nor gay (unless they are bi, which is possible). The notion Madonna is preoccupied with gays and blacks to the exclusion of straights is just HYPE/lies, nothing more. She has an interest in a variety of folks, howvewr casual. Bet she`d have made a good management engineer, more or less as good as her dad, if she hadn`t grown up more or less stereotypically feminine.

Larry Bird Says Another Pacers Trade Could Happen by Season Opener {Fanhouse NBA Blog}

Aug 13th 2010 8:52PM

It`s not Larry Bird`s fault my older, ex brother, was also from InDiana. Glad he got his point man, to go with his center and forward. I think Foster, if he stays, is the logical choice to start replacing Murphy, and since he pulls down less salary than Dunleavy, I think Dunleavy is a more logical person to deal off, maybe to a championship contender, if one wants him, or one of the teams who lost a name free agent forward and only go back an exception. Salt Lake City has already used theirs. Cleveland needs a center or maybe a wing guard, ironically not a forward. Toronto might be interested in Dunleavy. Free agents tend to prefer Miami to Toronto, as Bosh did, for some reason, but Dunleavy isn`t free yet.

Report: Shaq 'Close' to Joining Celtics {Fanhouse NBA Blog}

Aug 3rd 2010 10:20PM

Big Gentleman, Glen Davis, does not need Shaq to back him up until Kendra Perkins gets back. Several other teams need Shaq to start. Possibly including New Orleans, or wherever the Hornets work this season (Bradento/St. Pete is still available!), Atlanta, and Dallas. But I wish Shaq and his trainers/doctors well wherever he goes. One of the top 5 scorers all time, still climbing, top in field goal percentage, and former all defensive athlete. The complete package for a low post center.

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