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Brooke Mueller on Sheen Roast: Don't Make Fun of Me or I'll Sue {PopEater}

Jul 7th 2011 11:53AM

Please don't insult rags like that. Even the worse rags are still usable for something...hahaha

MLB Files Trademark Infringement Lawsuit Against Upper Deck {Fanhouse MLB Blog}

Feb 5th 2010 12:17PM

Baseball cards suck now. They are way over priced and will never be worth what the old cards are worth. I collected cards for years. I even promoted card and collectible shows from May of '89 to Oct of '94. I got tired of the dealers not making any money and hung it up. I really did care about my dealers. If they don't make money, they don't come back. It's a 2-way street. Some promoters just don't care, but I did. In '90 I added comics and other collectibles to the show, since I collected comics and it was a great way to add to my collection. This of course was way before the internet and reaching the world for a good bargain....or...a good sale. Prices of cards values went down and the cost of packs went up. I understand that people like to buy WHO they like, but most think that they will someday have a great investment but I'm sorry to give it to you straight....they will be worth less than you paid for them. The interest or "DEMAND" will die down and they won't be of any value. It all has to do with the demand....not the supply. I do hope that those that have sunk tons of money in them come out on top...but I hope at least you can break even.

Jay Leno Rips NBC in Monologue {PopEater}

Jan 8th 2010 12:10PM

Let me tell you something about Jay Leno. I wrote Jay Leno a few months ago for an autograph. I sent 2 index cards to be signed....with a self-addressed stamped envelope. It took a few months to get it back...but he only signed one card of the 2. Also, I sent a similar letter to Conan Obrien, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, David Letterman, Craig Ferguson, Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres and Dr. Phil. I collect autographs as you can probably tell. Well, out of ALL OF THESE PEOPLE, I have only received the "ONE" back from Jay. Oh yeah, he also sent me in a seperate package....a signed 8 X 10. It is a real autograph too. Not a fake copy...or Preprint as they are called. Jay's ratings might not be so good right now....but he was FIRST sending an autograph. THANK YOU Mr. Leno!!

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