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Camille Grammer Wanted to Quit 'Real Housewives' During Filming {PopEater}

Feb 16th 2011 6:30PM

Please, please leave Camille. It's hard to believe you were Mrs. Grammer for as long as you have been. I will not watch the show if you are on it. I find your behavior outrageous. From the way you flirt and kiss on men, to your friend the so-called psychic. If she was a true friend, she would have enlightened you to problems that was occuring in your marriage, and direct you both to counseling. You are not a very fine example of a mother. Why do you need nannies to raise your children? 90% of working mothers manage a job, housekeeping, a husband and most of all, their children.

CVS slashes generic drug prices in new salvo in price war {WalletPop}

Nov 9th 2008 10:20AM

It's warfarin......maybe you should take some responsibility for yourself and know what you take., You have no idea what you're talking about as far as "some eighteen year-old" filling your script. If the MD does not specify DAW 1 on the script, it is filled for generic. You and your MD need to be more responsible for your health care.

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