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Belligerent Ivana Trump Physically Escorted Off Plane {PopEater}

Dec 28th 2009 11:33AM

i had my kids on planes when they were any and all ages. they never ran up and down the aisles. i brought along a bag for them with their toys and yes and no books, coloring books etc. nowadays parents bring dvd players and even that doesnt seem to be enough. if i am in a plane, restaurant, movie theater, i would like to sit and not be disturbed by kids going wild due to THE PARENTS not wanting to parent their children.

Top Goldman Sachs (GS) execs take no bonuses {BloggingStocks}

Nov 17th 2008 12:50PM

i must say this ....there are thousands of employees at goldman that are not making the big bucks. they work overtime and dont get overtime pay. these end of year bonuses (and they were not 6 figure ones) made up a little for the employee giving his/her days and nights to goldman. the top 7 have been making major major bux for a number of years now and should be able to take the hit of no bonus this year but the average joe at goldman needs their bonus to pay their bills. not everyone there is fed with a silver spoon.
i agree with the poster who said what about the athelets? millions of dollars for playing a bunch of ball games? actors and actresses...multi millions for a movie? all of these things have gone totally out of wack.
i give those top execs credit for not having bonuses this year. i dout it will stop tehm from buying xmas gifts but i still feel it is to their credit. i dont see any other companies doing it yet nor did anyone else do it before them.
i truly hope that goldman will go back to its glory days and rule wall street once again!!!

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