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'No Saint' Ozzy Osbourne Nearly Falls Off the Wagon {PopEater}

Jan 15th 2011 7:12AM

I never tried drugs EVER . I have NEVER drank, and never smoked...Every kids DOes not try drugs and alcohol.

And Baby Makes 20! Duggars Welcome New Daughter {ParentDish}

Dec 19th 2008 4:08PM

how intolerant of you and piggish to make such a comment!

Trapped in a Ford Excursion! {Autoblog Green}

Nov 17th 2008 7:29PM

how dare you ..and how dare all of you... Children are a blessing and those that do not look at it that way have over-indulged children who are spoiled by their wishy- washy parents. we are LOOKING for an excursion, so there. We have a small farm and 5 kids and we might have more. Try fitting 5 kids in a car with 5 bags of feed and shavings and oh yeah, their homeschooled too. YEP, and I pay everyone's school taxes too. I m donating to everyone else's education. I dont get payback.. WHatever, you guys just like to point the finger. you think your so wonderful, cause you recycle. Its gonna take a whole lot more to save this earth. But keep goin do what you can. Just dont point the finger, with OBAMA , we'll all be in the dog house soon....

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