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What Are the Summer Outfits You Hate Seeing Guys Wear? {Lemondrop}

Jul 2nd 2010 3:23PM

So you're saying that "SOME" women don't think a guy needs all those pockets that come with cargo shorts/pants. Strange they should feel that way about a few pockets that are just there for the the look, for the most part...yet those same "SOME" women carry giant purses with about 50 pounds of shit in them. Now THAT'S attractive! I threw in the "SOME" because, oddly enough, most of those cargo shorts/pants are either purchased by, or picked out by, girlfriends and wives. Who in the hell comes up with the "facts" you present in these articles?

Andy Richter Has Ill Will Toward NBC and Jay Leno (VIDEO) {Inside TV Blog}

Mar 10th 2010 4:31PM

Hey Matt...don't go missing that BUS now, buddy.

Andy Richter Still Fuming Over Leno, NBC Snub {PopEater}

Mar 9th 2010 6:21PM

Andy WHO?????? ONCE MORE...Leno didn't do it...NBC did it!!! REMEMBER, LENO HAD TO VACATE HIS OWN SHOW, WHEN HE WAS ON TOP IN THE RATINGS, TO MAKE ROOM FOR COCO! Do we think that was Conan's fault? Of course not! Once again, it was the "brain trust" (hugely laughable misnomer!) at NBC! Selective memory there, Andy? Amazing how some people conveniently leave out, and/or ignore, key details when trying to win an argument. I'm guessing you didn't do well in Debate back in high school. Anyway, maybe someday you'll replace Kevin on Jay's show, and then you'll be the biggest Leno fan ever, huh? Or perhaps NBC will give you your own show!!! Hell, they've done stupid things of THAT magnitude before, now, HAVEN'T they?! Yeah, that's it! And maybe the Cubs will win the next 5 World Series! Say goodbye to the nice people, Andy...time to take your medication and go night-night.

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