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Roman Polanski's Arrest Could Lead to His Freedom {PopEater}

Sep 27th 2009 1:00PM

A "real" criminal? I can certainly tell you are not a victim of rape or the parent of one. The true crime here is not only what happened to the poor girl, but that Polanski got away with it for so long and is so revered by the Hollywood community. So sad, really makes a statement about people.

20 Least Feminist TV Characters, Part 2 {Lemondrop}

Jun 10th 2009 1:18AM

Thank You!! My mother was a stay at home mom. I realize now (as a grown woman) what an amazing and hard job this was. My mother always said that true "feminism" should be for woman to do as they see fit. And to her this was to stay home, keep it organized, clean and provide a safe haven for the family, not an easy job, ever.

Does Kate Moss have a bun in the oven? {StyleList (Main)}

Oct 24th 2006 2:55PM

How sad. Two people who can't even effectively manage their own lives and now to bring an innocent child into that mess. Well I guess this just proves that money and fame are guarantee of happiness, and in this case, no cure for stupidity.

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