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Man Shames Wife He's Divorcing With Angry Sign Hung on House {AOL Real Estate}

Apr 1st 2013 9:30PM

Go back to the 19th century where you belong.

Fashion Styles That Make You Look Older and What to Wear Instead {Shopping Articles Blog}

Nov 20th 2011 11:58AM

Wow. After reading these comments I have come to two conclusions. One, there are a lot of uncomfortable, angry women out there. Two, men have no idea what it's like to be scrutinized right down to your trendy and youthful flats and feel entitled to see a fashion show wherever they go.
Real life is not like they imagine it in these articles. They don't take into consideration that we have crazy, busy, messy lives. All they're doing is giving you some suggestions. I guess the author assumed you would have the common sense to know that if you're jogging, you wear sneakers. If it's cold outside, you can bet that you will not see anyone, young or old, wearing a cami. Take from it what you like, forget the rest. Personally, I agree with the sneakers. I've been wearing Skechers flats, kind of a cross between flats and a light sneaker. They're cute, not clunky. You can get jeans with some stretch in them, a nice option instead of sweats.
Men, here's a newsflash: we women really don't dress for YOU. More than likely, they have one of YOU at home who's care and maintenance doesn't leave much time for primping before running out to the mall to get you new underwear, or your mother's birthday gift. If you're at the mall critiquing women's fashion sense, perhaps you're scoping out the wrong gender.

The Pit Crew With Love-A-Bull - Changing People's Perceptions One 'Pittie' at a Time {Pawnation OLD}

Sep 10th 2011 10:04AM

Because the media doesn't think it's sensational enough if your kid was mauled by a poodle.

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