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Eminem, Heartbroken, Turns Gun on Himself in Shocking New Video {PopEater}

Jun 26th 2011 3:28PM

Good point. Have you checked America's teenage suicide stat numbers? It's way up from the past decades. I really do not agree that this video was done in good judgment for our youth who definitely watch this rapper :(

Princess Diana's Brother, Charles Spencer, Marries Wife No. 3 {PopEater}

Jun 18th 2011 9:35PM

William and Kate are on their honeymoon in America. I can't speak for Harry. At any rate, Diana's brother isn't the best person, so there may be more to the story than we know.

Confessions of a Mother: Guilty Things Moms Secretly Do {Holidash News}

May 6th 2011 9:34PM

You sound like a wonderful, caring and loving mother to me!

Happy Mother's Day!

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