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Don't Play Ball With State of Arizona {Fanhouse - Kevin Blackistone}

May 1st 2010 7:39PM

I have been reading the comments and would laugh if the ignorance of many of you were not so blatant. You talk about taking back the state of Arizona from the illegals. So who are the illegals anyway? Mexicans? They owned that land and in 1846 the U.S. sent in forces to take it away. Ultimately the U.S. which was seeking territorial expansion to the Pacific was successful but that war could hardly have been called legal. Native Americans? The Spaniards and the Americans rode all over them destroying their sacred places and homelands. Ask the various Apache groups, Navaho, Mohave, Pima, Maricopas, Havasupai, Hopi, Hualapai, Pauites, Yaqui, Tonono O-odham, Quechan and others how legal they believe that to have been. The fact is that if illegals are to be stopped it should probably be most of you. It won't be, of course, nor do I expect the course of history to change to do so. But your self righteous indignation is without merit. Another way than profiling has to be sought. And do not tell me that the law prevents that; laws can always be circumvented and you can be sure this one will be.

Barack Obama a Profile in Courage -- Even If He's Wrong on Health Care {Politics Daily}

Mar 24th 2010 11:12AM

So where in all this was the well thought Republican approach to a health care system that is and has been for many years profoundly broken? They offered nothing but the status quo. I worked in health care for over 30 years so have some experience with the vagaries of the system over the years. If the Republicans had really looked deeply into the problems extant instead of their own pocket books with the all too common input from health insurance companies perhaps they would have the right to complain.

Playing It Safe for Olympic Gold {Fanhouse Olympics Blog}

Feb 19th 2010 2:31PM

To say that an activity is not a sport because it involves the judgement of another is foolish; all sports require the judgement of others. Why do you think referees and umpires are. They have and do make calls, sometimes proven incorrect, that affect the outcome of a game. Track and field events have judges looking for things we as novices are not always aware of. Players in many sports can be expelled for unsportsmanlike conduct which, if the player is one of the better ones, can affect outcomes. There are many activities that I don't watch because I find them dull and boring or too brutal. That doesn't make them not sports just sports that don't interest me. I actually expected that Plushenko would win the gold; and while if he had skated superbly and done so I would have been disappointed for Lysacek I would have applauded Plushenko. However, after watching him skate after Lysacek I really hoped the judges would get it right and award the gold to Lysacek. After the initial quad combo Plushenko's skate was, to me, lifeless and boring. He landed his other jumps like he weighed 500 lbs. His pelvic thrusts and air kisses were pathetically childish. Lysacek skated with aplomb and passion. His jumps were landed with lightness and balletic grace.
His spins were well centered and fast. And for those of you with apparent homophobia, get over it. I would apply the term balletic grace to the inspired catch of a football or a smoothly seamless double play in baseball.
Evan Lysacek won the Olympic Gold medal in Men's Figureskating and deserved it. Plushenko showed incredibly bad taste in some parts of his skate and an abominable lack of sportsmanship afterwards. He didn't deserve Gold and didn't get it.

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