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Stars on the Beach: Celebrity Bikini Beach {PopEater}

May 25th 2010 6:52PM

Don't know what pic you are looking at... she looks pretty hot to me! You go girl!

Canadians Forced to Apologize for Celebrating {Fanhouse Olympics Blog}

Feb 26th 2010 10:09PM

IOC needs to get a real life. Harmless and well deserved fun. Much less than the vulgar pics of US snowboarder! Let them enjoy their well deserved win!

Conservative Christians Don't Crown 'Princess and the Frog' {Politics Daily}

Dec 21st 2009 10:52AM

Why is there a big flap over religion concerning this movie anyway. It isn't advertised as a religious movie. It is simply a good vs evil and good triumphs movie. The main idea appears to me to believe in yourself and make all attempts to triumph over the hardships of life through your own efforts. If that isn't a teaching of Jesus, then Christians don't understand that we were given life and resourcefulness by God, and he is only there to give us faith to sustain us and give hope for better times, but we have to essentially do it on our own. So why all the discussion about a fictional woman who appears to have the same attitudes as the TV evangelist, Joel Osteen. He sure has a lot of Christian viewers and he sure says a lot about your personal power to overcome!

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