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Interview Answers: Interviewees Say the Darndest Things {AOL Jobs}

Sep 10th 2010 10:53PM

Amanda, your response is about as laughable as these answers. How the hell can you access my life based on a post here, you truly are a moron. People filmed on COPs: everyone by default gets blurred out unless they give permission. It actually goes like this:
Unless you give permission to publicly expose people you dont have permission. Granted they didn't give names but Im on the defense because it sounds sleazy to laugh about people publicly online for the world to read.Ive worked in doctors offices and they talk behind their patients backs, but you will say oh those people were just insanely horrible and its not the norm, much like you insulted my ex, oh hes not the norm, no-one else does that. People really hire based on the content of others character not how well they are trained like monkeys or how well their tie matches their suit. Mm right. People are hired based on how well they match the office wallpaper, maybe your office just has ugly wallpaper.

Photos: Lady Gaga Dons Raw Meat Bikini for Vogue {PopEater}

Sep 9th 2010 2:54PM

I agree with Sandra. Only an idiot would defend GAG and disrespect a rational human cuz of how they type something. Raw meat vrs caps we can see there's plenty of idiots these days.

Photos: Lady Gaga Dons Raw Meat Bikini for Vogue {PopEater}

Sep 7th 2010 2:39PM

Wow how truly vile and ungodly and unclean and disgusting.

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