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Kathy Griffin's Newest Palin to Pounce On? Willow, 16 {PopEater}

Jan 5th 2011 1:58PM

Well if attacking, hating, putting people down and laughing at people brings her big dollars....why not? I guess. The message I'm getting here is You're rewarded with big profits if you do. Right?

22 Amazing Halloween Costumes From the 80s {Urlesque}

Oct 29th 2010 12:36AM

I remember in the late 70's/early 80's there was a store called Thrifty's. My older brother and I would always go over to the Holloween aisle and spend a lot of time there carefully looking at all the costumes to make a final selection. The costumes came in a little square, thin, cardboard box and the top of the box had a clear plastic window so you can see the mask and folded costume it came with. I remember lifting the lid off setting it aside and taking out the mask which had a rubberband stapled to it. I'd pull out and unfold the plastic had a fresh, strong, plastic smell to it...ahhhhh those sweet memories.

Lady Gaga Wears Gray, Blue and Black Hair {StyleList (Main)}

Oct 25th 2010 5:33PM

Thats just LADY GAGA......doing her thing. Quite eccentric and artfully so. Makes you think......ok, what is she up to this time?! I just wish she wouldn't bash Catholicism in her videos. Catholicism has done more good for her than bad in my opinion.

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