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Tyler Perry: 'Spike Lee Needs to Shut the Hell Up' {PopEater}

Apr 21st 2011 11:55AM

Good for Perry! I love his movies. Sure, they are hard subject matters but he adds touches of humor to even it out. There is also a message in his stories and frankly, he can make movies that any person of any color can relate to. He's just a damn good person. I didnt know much about this "feud" but if anyone can call out Lee, Perry is the one to do it. Lee takes offense to anything that he even remotely doesnt agree with and then labels it "racist". I would love to see Perry and Lee in a one on one, face to face, no note card debate. Perry would knock him right off his high horse.

Mariah Carey's Naked Photos Gives Us the Willies {PopEater}

Apr 18th 2011 1:28AM

My thing is I really dont understand this whole thing about pregnant celeb's constantly shoving their stomachs in the media. Ok, we get it. Your pregnant. We can see that with your clothes on. The media and these people act like celeb's kids are the messiah or something. I like celebs and all, their cool to watch and they entertain us but then getting pregnant is not a huge deal. Humans do that, been doing that for a very very long time. Your no more special. Naked pregnant women dont scream proud mother to me, they scream ego central. Sorry, I dont see these woman being any more special nor deserving of attention then the average pregnant women. This celeb/kid media circus is just getting so old! Leave it to Mariah to take it to an all time tacky low. I just hope this ushers in the end of this baby mania pics/stories era.

Kate Gosselin Worries About Having to Get a Real Job {PopEater}

Apr 4th 2011 9:43PM

I am confused even why people would want to watch a show about her. Especially given her attitude. I mean, are americans so hard up for shows that we have ones that are about people raising kids? Cant you just look outside your door and see that? I just will never understand the obsession with her some have. She's not a "real" mom anymore, like she was when this all started. She's arrogant and seems more interested in material items then her kids. Maybe she is a good mother but that doesnt show through to the media and to mainstream. Its also kinda insulting that she is scared to have to get a real mean like all of us other normal average people who you seem to think are below you? She used to be one of us "real" people and now she is just another reality show b*tch who thinks she is better then every one else.

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