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Kalamazoo Homeowner Wins $115,000 After Lead-Paint Scare {AOL Real Estate}

Apr 18th 2013 9:24AM

Today's TO DO list:
Buy historic homes in Kalamazoo before contracts are revised.

Is the Guinness really better in Ireland? {Gadling}

Dec 31st 2012 3:24PM

Guinness in Ireland ruined me for other Guinness. I was always a fan of it in the States until I traveled to Ireland &, upon return, had to switch to Murphy's because I couldn't get over the difference. Guinness in its native land is so rich but totally smooth - not bitter at all. I found one place in Wales that matched the taste, & I asked the owner what he did to keep his Guinness so good. His response: he cleaned the tap daily. There is definitely something to that.

Bob Saget Ditches Raunch, Decides to Work Clean (VIDEO) {AOL TV}

Dec 1st 2010 11:14AM

The damage has already been done. Everyone knows what a crude @$$hole he is. He desperately relied on crudeness & curse words to be funny, but he wasn't funny, so take that away and now he sucks worse. And I love it.

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