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Do You - and Should You - Kiss Your Dog? {Pawnation OLD}

Dec 10th 2010 8:26PM

I would never ever ever kiss a dog. I don't let them lick my face; I personally think it's disgusting after all the things they lick. Same with cats. If they want to lick my hand, I don't necessarily like it, but I'll accept it and wash my hands afterward and I certainly will not eat anything before I wash my hands. I kiss dogs and cats on the tops of their heads all the time and pet them whenever they need love. They can sleep next to me and everything but those tongues aren't touching my face - especially not my lips.

And all of you who say you kiss your pets on the lips because they're like family, do you kiss your children and siblings on the lips? I don't know many people who family doesn't....lip kissing should be spouse-to-spouse in my opinion. Not sibling-sibling and not parent-sibling. It's intimate and therefore shouldn't be pet-human.

Rep: 'Single Ladies' Girls Did 'Nothing Provocative' {PopEater}

May 15th 2010 5:15PM

When people were saying it's not provocative at all, I decided to watch the video to see if maybe it was just what they were wearing. The way they were moving at times was excessively sexual and the clothing was too risque. How is this not inappropriate? If I was one of those eight-year-old girls, I'd keep the video of this performance, look back on it 10 years later, and be extremely shocked and mad at the coach for encouraging something like this!

Jackson Kids' Godfather: I Believe Paris Is My Daughter {PopEater}

Aug 11th 2009 5:35AM

Biological parent or not, there can't be a legal battle because there are laws in place that say that if the sperm are donated, the doner does NOT have any legal rights to the child. If he's the parent, great, Paris knows that's her real father, but he can't have a custody battle if he's a sperm doner. An affair would be a different story...

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