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La Convención: A Festival Of 'New Circus' In Buenos Aires {Gadling}

Jul 21st 2012 11:38AM

Just go to NY, Plenty of FREAKS there!!

Doggy Home-Care Medicine Chest {Pawnation OLD}

Oct 12th 2011 5:46AM

it brings the blood sugar back up to prevent them from going into shock, i passed out from braking a finger back in april, the pain was insane and that's why i passed out, when i came too, i could tell i was going into shock, so i drank a big glass of OJ and it stopped it, next day when i went to the hospital for x-rays, they told my drinking the OJ was the best thing i could have done because it brought my blood sugar right back up and prevented me from going into full blown shock and shock can kill people and animals...... :>)

Doggy Home-Care Medicine Chest {Pawnation OLD}

Oct 12th 2011 5:36AM

GREAT article with useful information....Thanks so much for sharing!!

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