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The Devil Helps Women: Anna Wintour as Feminist Icon {MyDaily}

Sep 20th 2010 2:58PM

She is a dried up prune, NOT attractive in the least and lord...WHO cares if she's a feminist and she's given up love, (blah, blah, blah) to be the most idiotic, narcissistic, ridiculous female in the fashion's some news for everyone...about 2% of Americans WANT to wear high fashion....If she wants to eat lettuce and throw it up every day...whatever...Real women LOVE designers who like "fat." If they want to make money, they will ALL get that...I'm not talking size 22..I'm talking size 8.....THAT is normal.....I wear and spend on designers who fit MY idea of fashion.....who "get" "real" women! She does NOTHING for me...and from what the likes of is said about her...not many!

Iran Men's Hair Ban - No More Mullets or Ponytails {StyleList (Main)}

Jul 7th 2010 4:55PM

Iran can just suck it!

Lindsay Lohan Lets Her Fingernail Do the Talking {PopEater}

Jul 7th 2010 12:28PM

How old is she again?/ Jeez girl...grow the f up and stop acting like a displaced baby....

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