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'Days of Our Lives' Legend Frances Reid Dead at 95 {PopEater}

Feb 4th 2010 2:14PM

This has truly broke my heart. I have watched Days of our lives since I was 15, and I have always loved Frances Reid. She will always be remembered as grandma Alice. I am truly sadden and in tears and will be for a while. Go home to the angels Frances they are truely getting a gem up there. Love and Kisses to you Frances!!!!!

Hot Viral Video: Taylor Swift, Another Stolen Moment {ParentDish}

Nov 24th 2009 12:20PM

That was sooooo cute. I agree with everyone here. She does a better job than Taylor Swift. I can't stand her, my kids love her, I think she is a fake actress trying to get more than beats the eye. I think other singers are better and for her to get all these awards is just not cool. Taylor Swift is an overated singer in kids body!!!!!!

Jackson's Death Officially a Homicide {PopEater}

Aug 29th 2009 4:00PM

Michael was old enough to make his own mind up, however when it comes to medication they only use on operating tables, then I believe it should be the doctor who is accountable. Noone knows what happened but Michaeland the doctor, ask them oh wait can't ask michael, he is dead(RIP MICHAEL) so who do we ask now? Oh yeah the doctor but he isn't being truthful so that should tell you something there. He is the college graduate, he should now better. Now we have to mourn a great singer, cause he couldn't step up and say the word "NO". He should lose his licence and not be in charge of medicine again.

I miss you Michael and your memory will live forever in our hearts!!!!!! I hope you sing with the angels and are making them as proud as you did us. Love you forever!!!!!!!!!!

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