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6 Things Every Homebuyer Should Have on Their Wish List {AOL Real Estate}

Nov 11th 2012 7:31PM

One more thing to look out for when buying a house; the basketball goal! If it's on the driveway next door, remember some kids like to play ball at night. Can you truly sleep with the thudding sounds of dribbling and the crack-thump of hoops? If there is a curb side goal you can rest assured it will be used early in the morning as children wait on the school bus and well into the evening and all day on weekends. These are kids magnets. Not only will you hear the thuds and thumps of the players but also the shreeks and screams and yells of the people who congregate to watch. They will stand in the middle of the street and all but dare you to drive through the crowd. Not to mention the cars with the thumping stereos that stop to socialize. Now picture you're in bed sick, or you have migraines, or like us your Father is in bed going through the final stages of cancer. Is that really what you want to listen to? Most people used to understand streets are for cars, parks are for playgrounds but today it's different. I'm saving up to move specifically because of a basketball goal and because the gentle sloping backyard is getting harder to climb-and mow- as I get older. Trust me on this one, if you see a basketball goal, look elsewhere for your dream home! I could deal with the hill in the backyard but the ever growing crowd and noise from that goal is too much. Never thought I'd say this but but I would even consider a neighborhood with a homeowners association! They might make us all have the same mail box type but at least I wouldn't have to dodge children in the streets ever time I come & go!

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Refinances Mortgage Loan Down to 1% {AOL Real Estate}

Jul 17th 2012 11:34AM

When I serviced loans for a rather large bank in New York there was a cap on the amount the rate could be adjusted to-it was 11% up or down, and it never goes down! So what started out as a very low rate could get way out of hand in no time. A fixed rate is the best way to go; HELOCs ( home equity loans ) should be avoided at all costs ( barely a payment for five years and then a major balloon payment mortgagers never really expected though it was right there in the contract ) and ARMs are NOT for the average person(s) who simply want to grow old and die without the worry of a house payment as they deal with the expenses of aging and maturing Family members who are starting out and still need parental funding from time to time. I, too, don't understand why Zuckerberg didn't go for a cash transaction or at least a no-doc loan where you put down most of the money up front and the finacing is so small they don't even ask about your credit or work history! Maybe he knows he has enough money to play with. Finance is a game to him now, but for most of us it determines our quality of life and that of our Family's in the furture.

After 37 Years, 'Neighbors From Hell' May Finally Face Eviction {AOL Real Estate}

May 21st 2012 7:33PM

Soon as the cops leave they'll just start back up again. All one can do is move. I hope to one day, only next time I'm buying more land on a short private street. Those basketball goals people set up in the street are an attractive nuisance; we have drugs dealers hanging out there, underage drinking, cars blocking the street. Call the cops and as soon as they're gone the pole goes back up again. I thought thru roads were for cars and playgrounds were for shooting hoops but not if you live on Burbank Street in Columbus, GA! Now, I totally understand why some people spend more to live in neighborhoods with a homeowners' association. The rules may be tight but at least it's quiet there!

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