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Caring for Your Aging Cat - 9 Common Issues You Should Know About {Pawnation OLD}

Dec 11th 2010 1:20PM

Vickie I think that Amy was offering it IF it was the type that Chris needs for their cats. I don't think Amy was trying to just say here this is insulin use it without any information or idea of how many units to give or how to give it. As I do I think Maybe stating that after you check with your vet Chris on the type of insulin that is needed and dosage and training on how to give injections then look at possibilities of getting help with insulin and supplies. I have been diabetic for 23 years insulin dependent.
Chris just in case you aren't familiar with insulin there are different types the two companies that I am aware of making it I don't know if there happen to be others in US or elsewhere. But Lily and Novo Nordisk are the manufactures in the us or at least the major ones. There are fast acting insulins like humalog and novolog ... even with these two that are taken about 15 mins before meals vary novolog generally works more quickly than humalog there is also regular that generally is taken about 30-45 mins before meals and NPH which is a longer acting its onset is about 2-4 hours and there is Lantus that is long acting usually onset of 2 hours but has no peak like the other insulins and last for about 20 to 24 hours. They all have different peak times and amount of time they stay in the system. There are programs that help get discount on medication for people from manufacturers you may check to see if there are some for pets also. Please check with your Vet. Diabetes is miserable if not controlled and I do understand the cost I used to not have ins or really crappy ins and couldn't afford mine as often as I needed a refill and so used less than I needed I felt horrible all the time and it was not good for any of my other organs or body systems. If cost is going to prevent you from getting the shots for them maybe someone else can take them that can give them the insulin. I know its hard to part with our pets I am avid dog and cat lover! I would also talk with your vet about actuallhy reducing their intake of food since that will raise their blood sugar and see what is an amount that will meet the needs of your lil furry family members but also not be as detrimental to their health and blood sugars. As for as meters I dont know if they use the same as people or not if they do you can usually get one from a manufacturer for free with a small bottle of strips if you aren't checking supers often it may actually be cheaper for you to purchase new meter at wal mart or walgreens each time you run out. I know they both have meters that are inexpensive and come with some strips and the strips can become very expensive too. just some ideas and some info . My lil furry gray haired baby just plopped on the keyboard so off for some purrrrrrtime

Sister Wives TLC True Story -- 'I Married My Younger Sister's Husband' {Lemondrop}

Oct 18th 2010 4:38PM

The Browns, by the way, belong to the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, which practices polygamy. (Before we go any further, most Mormons do not.)
Quite possibly if those of you berating the author would reread you might see that the author was trying to clarify. The author did state early in the article the above and my guess is that where the author used the term "Mormons" wasin reference to the larger section being LDS but also that unfortunately most people that have not been around or part of the LDS community would think LDS and FLDS be called "mormons" so to separate the two the author stated that the particular family is NOT part of the LDS they ARE however affliated with FLDS. Although I am not sure why either is mention by the author it basically is about polygamy just state that and if she would like to elaborate on religion she follows that allows polygamy then let her do so

Gary Coleman 911 Call Details Released, Wife Afraid to Help {PopEater}

Jun 3rd 2010 1:28AM

He may not have had any money in the bank and been "broke" as you say but did you ever think that possibly he had life insurance?

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