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Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon Swap Pit Crews for Rest of Season {Fanhouse Motorsports Blog}

Nov 9th 2010 7:59AM

whats all of your problems I think your all wrong... if you had someone messing up all days as the front tire changer did . I'd take him out too. its a sure thing jeff isn't gonna win the why not.If they take people out of basketball games and baseball games and replace them why not here.THATS NOT CHEATING, don't know where you got that from? You can't replace just one person on the pit crew you have to change the whole crew. they work as a group so if one goes they all go. yea I think it bad to make the whole crew suffer because one person couldn't get his finger out of his butt all day... but thats the way it is done.come sunday they will show everybody what they're made of so maybe they'll get the last laugh on chad.but I can understand why they did it.anybody that follows nascar knows that jimmy doesn't do that bad EVER.My favorite driver isn't jj but I still root for him ,Denny sucks just like shrubby does. I wouldn't want him to represent Nascar for a year, jimmy has for four years and done a great job. I would really like to see kevin win he has led the points all year so he is the one that deserves to be champion.So don't be so mad about it!!!! its not cheating.. if you want to complain about cheating talk about kyle busch.

Verdict: Kid Rock Must Pay $6,000 in Waffle House Case {PopEater}

Sep 17th 2010 9:23PM

whats wrong with you people? you make think he's all bad but I'LL tell you one thing he is a great singer and songwriter. he's no trailer park trash. His family could buy all 3 of your trailer parks. If you don't like him or his music thats one thing but you don't know him,he is as good as you or your family.Would you let someone talk about you and your band members and let it go? you probably would cause you'd be afraid to say anything, you'd get your butt whipped.. he's not. you all surely haven't been to a concert or listen to his music... I have he is very nice and very good at what he does. I'm 56 yrs old and I have been to at least 5 concerts in the last few yrs. he's great,honest and yea rich and famous.. you know some people just can't take that, they don't have a life so they talk about everybody else's.Didn't your mama teach you if you can't say anything nice about someone don't say anything at all.maybe your mother didn't have manners either.and who ever spoke about Justin Bieber maybe you should just keep up with your jr. high homework cause you don't know anything about adult things, cause he'll be history in about 2 yrs when his voice changes.hahaha

NASCAR Has to Draw the Line {Fanhouse Motorsports Blog}

Mar 8th 2010 12:00PM

In my opinion it was so uncalled for what carl did to Brad. I know Brad doesn't have a lot of friends on the track, but carl was so far down , he should of had time to cool off after the wreck. He did also say on national tv. that it was his fault. maybe brad should have let carl in. But would you let him in front of you...I think not! as for the wreck in Talledga ...I was there! the reason carl was wrecked was also his own fault. he tried to block brad then when that didn't work he took the cowards way and tried to push him below the yellow line. If he couldn't beat him with speed he should get what he got for blocking and pushing down. I hate blocking that's no way to win a race I don't care who you are! I do like carl he is very respectful when he does interviews he's the only one who does pull off his sunglasses. he's very good doing that. But lately he hasn't had much press( except for the birth of his daughter)so I guess he wanted some in a big way.

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