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Paula Deen Sued for $40 Million {Slashfood}

Mar 19th 2010 5:46PM

When paulas party show went from her brothers restaurant to took on a new flavor and was embarssing to watch her flirt with celebrities on her show. Lots of inuendo that wasnt CUTE coming from someone her age. I visited her restaurant as a treat when I was going thru chemo, and my mom made hoe cakes just like Paula. But Paula changed, or maybe we never knew the real Paula..with her 10 yr affair with a married man. I dont watch her show, subscribe to her magazine, and Ive gone from loving that finding shes an embarassment. Money like they have made..has corrupted their morals. SAD

Suzanne Somers Misdiagnosed with Full-Body Cancer {PopEater}

Oct 26th 2009 11:30AM

Very convenient this so called scare was revealed as her book came out. NO DOCTOR says you have full body cancer..the above poster was right. And you go to oncologist, not just any old DR. You are given a full body scan to see where the cancer has metastised. So she is saying 6 different oncologist, doing all the correct and proper scans and screening, were ALL WRONG? I was diagnosed with breast cancer 4 years ago and had chemo and a double mastectomy. I will tell you she is a LIAR!! Pure and simple, what she is saying is FILLED with holes and misinformation. SHAME ON HER!!

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