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Lady Gaga Hatches From Egg and Into Controversy Onstage at 2011 Grammy Awards {AOL Music Blog}

Feb 14th 2011 8:55AM

I am almost 39 and I love Lady Ga Ga I think her voice is great. And I like her get ups. I find them interesting and funny. I also enjoy her performances. I think it's funny all the religious idiots who get on here and talk about the mythological creature Satan. i wish that they would just shut up with their fairy tales. The song BORN THIS WAY is about how people are born gay and don't have a choice. You have no more choice to be gay than u would to be caucasion or brown eyed, small breasted or 4 fingered. WHO will really care in a 100 years anyway? There is no such thing as SATAN and those who think so are childish and immature to believe such fairy tales. I stopped believing in SATAN when I was 9. I can't believe how childish church people are. Don't u think it's completley childish to believe in SATAN? I mean people listen to urselves.
IF u can't be born gay then why are some people born hermaphrodite? Why do some men have breasts? Why do some women have beards? WHY? WHY? WHY? THINK ABOUT IT.

Omarosa Wants to Tie the Knot With New Boyfriend {PopEater}

Sep 15th 2010 11:38AM

I don't think she's a bad person. She's just an actor playing a role. Yes it's reality T.V. but she's not that way in real life. She may be worse in real life or better person than she appears on T.V. when are people going to learn that Hollywood is fake??
Omarosa is playing a character that she defined for herself. She's not an ugly woman she's handsome. Some women are handsome, and not that feminine, but good looking in their own way. I'm a feminine type but I can also appreciate a strong type like Omarosa. she's not as bad as people think. Plus none of us know her personally. I think it's great she an be strong like she is and be a strong black woman which people don't like seeing to begin with. WE also don't like to see Black women happily married. You go girl get married to that man.

Mission Makeover: From Fashion Fumble to Stylishly Chic {StyleList (Main)}

May 21st 2010 3:17PM

THANK YOU!!!! I hate the FAKE BRAIDS, FAKE HAIR> If it's your own hair then I'm good with that. But the FAKE HAIR LOOKS STUPPPPID and everyone KNOWS it's fake. YES WHite people wear fake hair too. Even though they try to act like they DON'T do anything to their hair> Most of them spend as much time in the salon as any Black female has ever. But I can't agree, I do think braided up hair is more appropriate for younger women. It's not insane it's just looks better with more grown up styles.

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