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N.J. Couple Face Fine for Bird Feeder {AOL Real Estate}

Jun 26th 2013 10:24PM

I'm with you, Bella. Good answer. Elderly, and especially disabled people, have little enough joy as it is. Leave the poor man alone!

SkyMall Monday: Leaf Rake Hands {Gadling}

Nov 29th 2011 10:25AM

I'll pass on the "Leaf Hands" but, one of the most beautiful things in our home was bought through the Sky Mall book. A stained glass fireplace screen. Its gorgeous!

Better With Age: Best Beauty Products for Cellulite {Shopping Articles Blog}

Aug 6th 2011 10:53PM

Its been PROVEN that there is NOTHING that gets rid of cellulite. These "creams", etc. are a waste of money. Shame on these companies who try to take advantage of uninformed people!

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