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Southwest Airlines suspends, reinstates pilot after profanity-laced rant {Gadling}

Jun 22nd 2011 3:05PM

UH ms joey for YOUR information if your making a statement about something and that statement is 'negative' then odds are that such comment means your either 'afraid of ' not in agreement with or otherwise just NOT happy with whatever you commented on. His comment in that context means that he does NOT approve of not only the gays but the grannies and grandads that are being hired. As such his comment is 'uncalled' for as the airline personnel are NOT for his perusal for dating or otherwise.

Don Lemon on Being Gay, Black & Twitter Feed Crush Fodder {BV Black Spin}

May 31st 2011 10:43PM

UH ms inhisimage whose image are you 'in' ? Budda, Yaweh, Allah, Satan etc etc. I personally do NOT believe in YOUR god for mine is a god of love and compassion and of forgiveness. YOURS apparently is one of HATE and distrust and intolerance. GO rot in whatever hell awaits those of your ilk.

Don Lemon on Being Gay, Black & Twitter Feed Crush Fodder {BV Black Spin}

May 31st 2011 10:41PM

UH Admr and lawrence BOTH of you are WRONG. Who made either of you the moral compass of this nation not to mention how DARE you judge anyone much less this man who had MORE courage to do what he did than either of you to live. 'I' am MORE of man lawrence than YOU will ever be. Being what I am is NOT a choice, it was the 'same' as him. I 'knew' I was different at a very young age tho did NOT know what it was called. "why do you take note of the splinter in your neighbors eye and NOT see the BEAM in your own' , 'love thy neighbor as thyself' , Apparently both of you do NEITHER therefore and NOT worthy of the kingdom !!

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