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'100 Abandoned Houses': Sad Signs of Detroit's Growing Financial Emergency {AOL Real Estate}

Mar 6th 2013 7:49AM

Maybe make Detroit a Black community Reservation, strictly for Blacks. Let them learn to clean up their act.

China's Empty Cities: These Satellite Images Will Shock You {AOL Real Estate}

Mar 6th 2013 7:45AM

WELL.. China certainly has the population to fill these buildings and houses.
The Three Gorges Dam project displaced millions, maybe the people move has not been made yet ?

A Message From the Team {Portalblog}

Dec 21st 2012 8:22AM

I am a gun owner but believe stricter laws should be made and enforced. Maybe as far as putting in RFIDs in some of them.
A carried license like a driver's license and the guns listed on it showing you have passed a safety exam. I really do not want teachers packing guns,, that is dangerous in a whole other way.
Of course all guns should have trigger locks and locked up in the house. Anyone caught violating gun control laws should have all their guns taken away for a given amount of time. TV, Video games, computer games, music,, etc,, should be asked to curtail their violent ways. Stop all references to suicide.
Put mentally challenged kids in separate schools.

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