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I Gave My Boyfriend 'A Night Off' -- With Another Woman {Lemondrop}

Sep 17th 2010 9:25PM

WARREN, your comments are completely disrespectful, rude, crude, deplorable, disgusting & alarming to say the least. Your comments lead me to worry that you yourself may be a danger to children and women! Your disdain for women is something that has nothing to do with women, but your own sick, perverted mind! How dare you blame women & children for being raped, and while making such a disgusting remark, you throw in your stuid music "program" crap. Where do you get your percentage from, making up numbers does not make them factual. I would love to know your address & full real name so we can all check your record with the police department, and have them check on you! You are the scum of the world, it is NOT mothers who are doing wrong. It is sick psycho men like yourself who prey on children & women because you think it is their fault...I pray that you will burn in hell, I pray that God has mercy on your neighbors & community! You are a pathetic dirt bag....and that's what my MOTHER taught me about A$$-Holes like yourself! Isn't there a noose hanging somewhere with your name on it?

Southwest Boots Thin Flier for Overweight Teen {AOL Travel News}

Jul 26th 2010 10:37PM

You, Mary Secor, are an IDIOT, not because of "racism" but because you are dumb enough to bring in racism when NO PART of the article, or the people commenting said anything about racial prejudice besides you! Therefore, you are a bleeping moron...I wish I was sitting next to you so I could slap you in the head!

Your Baby's Name Is Not a Battleground {ParentDish}

Jun 25th 2010 4:42PM

True story, my mothers maiden name was pronounced the same as my fathers last name, just one E changed the spelling, I had 2 uncle Doug's, & my blood sister & step sister are both Tina Marie!

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