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Heidi Montag Separates From Spencer Pratt {PopEater}

May 28th 2010 7:10PM

Wow, so not a shocker. After getting her new plastic body she has decided to trade up in the hubby department...who would have ever guess.

How to Look Slim in Shorts for Summer {StyleList (Main)}

May 12th 2010 5:26PM

Just because some yahoo at Stylist says you can wear shorts to work - don't bank on it -- most employers have dress codes against it (with good reason) not only for appearance sake, but for safety reasons

I would caution any woman wearing shorts to work - check to make sure what your employer's policy is on them and even then, tread lightly. It is going to depend on where you live and what your profession is. Just because there is not a policy against it doesn't mean that it is acceptable and something to keep in mind, especially if your employer is downsizing. It might not ever be mentioned to you, but if your appearance is not in line with what management deems its image you might find yourself first in line for the pink slip.

Boy Becomes Father at 13 - "I Thought It Would Be Good to Have a Baby" {ParentDish}

Feb 17th 2009 12:57PM

As sad as it is that this happened, it is even more sad that the way this is being sensationalized by the media because the boy looks even younger than his age.

This happens all too often - kids having kids because because they are looking for the love, affection, emotional support in each other that they are not getting from their parents.

By sensationalizing this story in this media driven 15 minute of fame society more kids my even try to become parents as young as can because it gets them national attention and not even thinking about that the little person they have created and their responsibilities to that child - they will just think about being an instant celebrity.

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