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After Backlash, Man Evicting 98-Year-Old Mother Relents {AOL Real Estate}

Mar 3rd 2012 1:15AM

WOW !! I like how you all support, as I am in a bad situation, only with me it's the Reverse Mortgage Co. that is trying to take my house away from me. My husband got cancer and knew he was going to pass on before me, so he put the house into reverse mortgage so I would be assured a place to live. I'm 78 yrs now and have 4 kids, but none is much help to me.
My requirements was to keep land taxes, house insurance payed yearly which i've done yearly.
We had a storm recently and I had 1200 dollars damage to the house and reverse mortgage wants me to give them the money, and this definitely was not in the contract we signed. The company is Financial Freedom if anyone knows them.

Bristol Palin Has a New Boyfriend, Wants Levi to Sign Over His Parental Rights {PopEater}

Jan 24th 2011 10:10PM

Why are you afraid of the Palin's?

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