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Will 'Dancing' Audience Boo Chris Brown? Network Has a Plan {PopEater}

Mar 29th 2011 6:27PM

It isn't just about Rhianna. Matt says he is sorry, but if he is sorry why the violent temper tantrum after being asked about it on GMA? If he wants us to move on, then he needs to say he's sorry about it every time he's asked and THEN talk about the record he wants to sell. If he's the good guy who truly has mended his ways, Americans will forgive. But if he continues violent, irrational behavior, we aren't going to forget.

Win This $1,500 Purse by Celeb Favorite Bag Designer Lana Marks {StyleList (Main)}

Jul 24th 2009 7:20AM

The most important thing in my purse: that would be my credit card!

Girl Scouts shrink cookies, customers shrink sales {WalletPop}

Feb 23rd 2009 12:30AM

Cookies range in price depending on the region. If you paid $4 a box, you're not being ripped off, that's just what your local council decided to set the price as. I"m a Junior Scout leader and we charge $3.50 a box in our area. (Local leaders get no say.) We get to keep 60 cents of that. But that money ususally goes to special events like a camping trip. So it's not just about learning business, but also having a goal and taking responsibility to make it happen.

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