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Guns at Home: Do Neighborhoods' Firearms Permits Lower Property Values? {AOL Real Estate}

Jan 18th 2013 12:03AM

Maybe there are a lot of gun owners in one neighborhood, but I'd check out the crime ratings before I make any decision about moving in. If crime is low in that neighborhood, than you probably don't have to worry about those gun owners.

Edgel Family's Texas Rental Home Turns Out to Be Marijuana Grow House {AOL Real Estate}

Nov 4th 2012 4:19PM

Yes, but why was there mold in the house? It must have somehow been tied to the marijuana.

DIY Pool: How Brandon Gardiner and His Dad Built Their Own Backyard Oasis {AOL Real Estate}

Sep 15th 2012 8:27PM

In the 80's, right before I was born, my Dad built his own pool in the backyard. It was a huge in ground pool...10 feet deep I think in the deep end and 4 feet in the shallow end. He had a few friends help him with it, but he basically went about it the same way as the Gardiners. It was great having a pool growing up. Of course, now I live out of state and am missing that pool like crazy.

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