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Shakira in Hot Water After Public Fountain Romp {PopEater}

Aug 22nd 2010 9:19AM

This was arguably an artistic project involving support staff, all of which would bring business to a variety of establishments(hotels & restaurants to be sure) and further, could be seen to enhance the image of Spain and encourage tourism. Why would the Spanish government with all its financial burdens be so short sighted as to try to drive out or suppress Shakira's benign troupe of employees? Somewhere at this very moment a movie producer might be red-lining Spain as a possible site for a new film. I think they should be perspicacious and lighten up if they want Spain to be known a cool place to visit or do ones art.

Scotty Lago Leaves Olympics After Risque Pictures Hit Web {Fanhouse Olympics Blog}

Feb 20th 2010 11:50PM

People need to grow up. This is pretty benign though it does show what a sickeningly voyeuristic society has evolved with EVERY DAMNED THING showing up on the Internet. Furthermore, humans are the most hypocritical of all species that practice bisexual reproduction. What do you suppose is the primary impulse and need that drives almost everything that men and women do? Get over it already!

Shani Davis Wins Silver Medal in Speedskating Upset {Fanhouse Olympics Blog}

Feb 20th 2010 11:41PM

There is absolutely nothing wrong with silver. Shani Davis and Tuitert both behaved as good sports and actually, showing good sportsmanship and character stand higher in my estimation than winning a piece of bling.

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