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Mezuzah Case: Condo Association Bylaw vs. Jewish Practice {AOL Real Estate}

Mar 29th 2012 6:28PM

I get why she feels like this, but I don't think that she, as a Jew, is being targeted. I think that they should just let her have it since it's not really bothering anyone, but I don't think that she or her religion is being targeted.

I've lived in many condos, apartments and Co-ops that state in their bylaws that the door &screen doors are the tennants property, but the doorframe is not. The Co-op where I live, Seward Park in Manhattan, does this. They have a huge Jewish population (it's in the LES) so the muzuzahs are alowed, but they do state that the door frame isn't the tennants property and they don't allow other things to be put up there.

It's because people change their doors for personal taste, style and other personal reasons and they allow you to do that because it isn't a structural change. It wont affect the structure of the building if you take off the door it came with and put on a different one that fits the frame. If you want to make a structural change-i.e. renovations or making the door wider or narrower-you have to be approved by the board.

So, I get why she feels bullied, but I don't really think that she is. I do think they should just let it rock though, unless someone else that lives there complained. Then she should just go through the same process of HOA approval she would go throught to do any kind of renovation. That way they can approve it and the whole issue wiil be over.

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SeaWorld Whale that Killed Trainer to Perform Again {AOL Travel News}

Mar 31st 2011 2:26AM

I have a motto~~Stupid deserves everything it gets. For F**k sake, we call it a KILLER whale. Killer is right there in the name. How do you think something with the rep to get a name like that feels about being in a pool? He comes outta the ocean and now he's in a pool putting on shows for what I'm sure he looks at as food.
I do not feel bad for these people. I'm glad they get killed by these animals. STUPID DESERVES EVERYTHING IT GETS. End of story.

Become an Immortal Vampire for $1000 on eBay {Urlesque}

Sep 17th 2010 3:58PM

Jolene, aren't they the same thing?

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