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Arnold Schwarzenegger Could Face $200 Million Divorce {PopEater}

May 23rd 2011 12:27PM

The only thing Maria is guilty of is loving, trusting and believing in her husband! If she did know, she is a stronger woman than most not to make it all public, she has nothing to lose!

Elated Angie Wows 'Basterds' Carpet {PopEater}

Aug 11th 2009 12:24PM

I am as tired of reading about this couple as I am tired about the Octo-mom and Jon and Kate!

Top Ten Barack Obama/Joe Biden Gaffes {Politics Daily}

Mar 23rd 2009 1:01PM

the writer of this column must be a democrat. let any one of our former republican presidents say or do any of this and they would have been crucified!!! and have been.

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