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Christina Aguilera Botches National Anthem at Super Bowl, Admits Mistake {PopEater}

Feb 7th 2011 8:34PM

I don't for a minute think Christina was "caught up in the moment"....I think she was just caught up with all the idiotic embellishments she was adding to the Anthem, that she just blew it clean out of the was a sickening thing to listen to, as I hardly recognized my country's National Anthem...Before this, Roseanne had the top seat for ruining a great song, but now that crown belongs to Christina.....she should have used a cheat sheet, so as not to screw up the words........and to all these so-called singers, to add all of these extra notes and ruin a great song, is really a crying shame.... If you are good enough to sing the Anthem, then sing it as written, you might just surprise'll sure as heck surprise me!!!!! Where's Kate Smith when we need her????

Two Gosselin Kids Expelled From School {PopEater}

Nov 17th 2010 12:11PM

Did someone say the word "BULLYING"? Did you ever hear the way Kate spoke to John, and in front of the kiddies, she also spoke to them in the same bullying manner. Kate is far from being a prize, but she thinks she's God's gift to everyone ..and John, oh my, he is so far out there, it's just sad to watch the entire family. This is just the beginning for the kids, they are heading for a heap of trouble if the so-called adults don't make some huge changes fast. Please get off TV, that would be a start.

Survey Says London Cabs Best {AOL Travel News}

Aug 7th 2010 8:40PM

No way that any country can beat the taxi drivers in Mexico!! The very first taxi I rode in was from the airport in Puerto Villarta to the town, the windshield had bullet holes and the driver was seeing how fast he could make the cab go...we were hanging on with white knuckles and our eyes shut tight, the driver even left the good road to travel on one being repaired for huge pot holes, and he flew us ove a huge pile of sand to see how high off the ground his cab would go....the second time in Mazatlan was even worse....Pedestrians do not have the right of way in Mexico, and we came very close to mowing down a group of school children. Thank goodness they were young, limber and very fast on their feet.....
Thank you, but no thanks to Mexico cabbies.

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