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Home of Fratpad Adult Webcam Service Arouses Neighbors' Concern in Paradise Valley, Ariz. {AOL Real Estate}

Dec 24th 2012 1:30PM

Is the Rent being paid on time as the House Is Rented ? More than likely Yes..and the house is being well maintained and taken care of and ..are the Taxes being paid ontime ? more than likely Yes again as there is no mention of it being in any kind of Tax Default correct ? would the Neighbors rather have someone dealing Drugs out of that houe Or perhaps they would like a Gang to move into their""Hood""??!! I didn't think so so they are running a Cam/video Business over the Internet Big deal ,stop the Complaining and Remember the " Nunya " rule of thumb if it does not Driectly affect you or your neighborhood in an adverse manner? than its Nunya Business.. The People that are doing most of the "Complaining " and whining are probably the first ones to "sneak" into an adult Bookstore or Video Booths to begin with anyway ..

California Law Bans Landlords From Requiring Declawed, 'Devoiced' Pets {AOL Real Estate}

Sep 29th 2012 11:49PM

I agree it should be outlawed!!How would the People that required that to be feel to have their voice taken away or some part of their hands or feet such as toe nails or finger nails and part of your fingers or digits in the process ?? Also I was told that when an Animal is Declawed it is done at the knuckle??!!Thats Horrible and just plain sucks..its make me want to Distrust my fellow man and supposedly other human beings when I hear about such a thing being inflicted on an animal...

'Project X' Copycat Revelers Allegedly Wreck $500,000 Home {AOL Real Estate}

Mar 17th 2012 3:14PM

There Needs to be accountability for this one how many Teens were Involved ?! where were the parents ?!did they have any knowledge of what was going on ?! when,where why and who ?!!a lot of People on here are saying the Kids and the Parents should go go Jail I agree with the Kids /Teenagers because they are Young there is No F%*king excuse! none at all !The Parents If allowed ot Punish there children and be Disciplined as I was growing up the Parents no adays cannot even do that without fear of retaliation for beating there Children when in fact is is absolutely necessary to do so now adays kids are getting away with way too much Crap,and yes if some of the kids parents lets say have there College fund saved up for their kids what I would do is take that money for college and tell them well there goes your college fund and then Yes Beat them ( or as My Mother would say you better run Boy cause Im going to Whip your ass but good !..) ,

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