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The Boy Crop - Fall's Hottest Hair Style is Short & Sweet {StyleList (Main)}

Oct 16th 2009 6:07PM

I've had my hair long, short and everywhere in between. My boyfriend says it is sexy when it's short. I do NOT look like a little boy in any way, shape or form. And where is it written that women have to have long hair? I get compliments on my hair so much that my hair dresser gets clients coming in and requesting my style. If a man chooses to not like me because of my hairstyle, that would be his loss. Not mine.

Mom Arrested After Using Teen as Human Bungee Cord {ParentDish}

Oct 9th 2009 3:11PM

Why couldn't Mom flatten the boxes and assemble them at the church? Not saying I'm a rocket scientist...just thinking outside the box.

Tweeting About HBO Star's Dine And Dash Gets Waiter Fired {Switched}

Oct 2nd 2009 2:56PM

I'd love to see what happened to me if I tried to skip out on a check at a restaurant. I'm pretty sure that wouldn't be allowed to happen. But I'd never go to a restaurant and not be able to pay the bill. And then this woman didn't even have the decency to pay her bill in person the next day. IMHO, the waiter had every right to be angry. My friends who work in the restaurant biz tell me they have to cover any shortages or when people skip on the bill. It would seem that this actress makes more than her waiter and she should have paid the bill right then or not eaten. I was also shocked that the restaurant took checks. That is a rarity now.

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