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Mezuzah Case: Condo Association Bylaw vs. Jewish Practice {AOL Real Estate}

Mar 30th 2012 12:30AM

This is pure bigotry and that is all that it is. There is no place for this in America!

Texas Family Wins Fight Against HOA to Keep Pet Kangaroo {AOL Real Estate}

Mar 6th 2012 1:08AM

After reading some of the comments I found that the same malady which strikes many other commenters has occurred - the old "didn't really read the article" problem. Yes, they do have future plans for the Kangaroo beside their backyard.
many HOAs and Civic Associations are good things. I was on the board of the one for my subdivision and it was not a restrictive group at all. I wish it were a bit more restrictive, actually. We didn't have any power. Fortunately, there are local ordinances that keep people from having any junk cars or other unsightly things like that around their homes and we have regular limb and brush pick-up from the county. There is one house, not on my street, thank goodness, where the owners put up signs saying it was a bird sanctuary and used that as an excuse to let the yard go completely wild for over 20 years. You cannot even see the house anymore! I would recommend reading the HOA rules before writing a place off. Some are not that restrictive, like ours.

98-Year-Old's Birthday Surprise: Eviction Notice From Her Son {AOL Real Estate}

Feb 18th 2012 2:53AM

How low can you go? I hope her other son gets an attorney for her and fights this. It sounds like she has been managing just fine with the help she has. Anyone who would put their own mother out like this should forfeit every last cent made on this house!

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