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Would You Spend $80,000 on a Playhouse? {AOL Real Estate}

Oct 27th 2011 7:31PM

Its all in scale. We had a log cabin (complete with breeze that blew through the cracks in the walls) and swing set for our kids - cost about 1,000 dollars total, and Grandmother helped out big time to buy it. Our kids learned so much from those two "toys", and it did keep them away from the tv and outside and using their imagination and getting exercise. So, I understand where the lady in the article is coming from. If you have the money, you will be spending a lot of it on your kids, its human nature.

Hopefully, the rich are also donating to charities, and making decisions in their corporate lives (if they work there) that benefit the less fortunate, and the environment). But, that's not what this article is about. Its about high end play houses. Yes, the prices are unreal ... but, those who are very rich (not me!), are living in a different world.

Enson Inoue Discusses Charity Work, Life in Evacuation Centers {MMA Fighting}

Apr 6th 2011 7:34PM

Amazing story - you are doing a wonderful job helping the survivors in a way that really matters! What a giant heart you have!

The Hatch-Palucks, Week 25: Little Debbie and Me {ParentDish}

Apr 2nd 2011 11:47PM

Just dropped in to see your video because of the little debbie headline - and was surprised to see that you're in CU (my hometown, and where my hubbie and met when at the U of I). When our children were small, I would swim, or take walks. But, I have found the easiest way to get exercise when children are small, is to put music on and dance (after doing some warmups first). If the kids are sleeping, use headphones.

Reading the article and seeing your video sure brought back memories! Our kids are 22 and 26 now!

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