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Homeowners Association That Evicted U.S. Soldier Gets Death Threats {Housingwatch}

Jul 2nd 2010 1:46PM

If you people would read the article you would clearly see this is all the wife's fault in the first place. Evidently she was so dependent on him that she can't function without him paying the bills because SHE is the one that let the bills pile up because SHE was to stupid to know how to write a freakin check or pay online. This man being deployed had income coming in and plenty of it to pay the HOA fees. The wife is the one that lost this soldier's house for them. All should point the finger at the right person although I don't agree with the HOA being able to forclose on your home, if that's in the contract or whatever then nothing was done wrong by them, just by the incompetent wife.

Heidi's 'Body Language' Is All Over Miss Universe Pageant {PopEater}

Aug 24th 2009 10:08AM

Why do all the bimbo's try to copy Britney Spears? Who the heck is she anyways? Kinda sucked if you ask me but hey thats my opinion..

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