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Lady Gaga Sings With Patti LaBelle at CFDA After-Party (Video) {PopEater}

Jun 9th 2011 9:46AM

Wow Patti Labelle took time out of having her bodyguards beat up innocent bystandards to close to her luggage at the airport to sing?

Patti LaBelle Sued Over Airport Attack {BV Newswire}

Jun 6th 2011 10:02PM

Not only was the dude attacked for standing by the luggage..the Houston police officer that came on to the scene got his picture taken with Patti Labell? Someone fire that cop

Makeover Diaries: A Beach Babe Turned Soccer Mom {StyleList (Main)}

Dec 6th 2010 6:18PM

Frr some reason this article caught my eye and after reading it I could do nothing but shake my head and laugh. Basically, you have an ex NFL cheerleader out of the limelight trying to grasp it again by 1. talking about how hot she is at 40 and 2. telling other woman how they should dress and 3. thinking she is some sort of new age fashion genius. Women ignore these fashion articles please. Wear what you want..if you want to be a little slutty then do it..if you want to be conservative then do it. Do we really need some ex-cheerleader to tell us we have to dress the same around people we want to fit in with? Are women that stupid? Seriously? If wearing clown britches and a pirate shirt makes you feel good then do it. If the clothes you wear hold you back socially then change. Duh We don't need lame articles to tell us this like we dont already know. What a waste of time reading this for a common sense answer and to watch a woman pat herself on the back for being attractive. Go back to healthcare lady it's bad enough we have fashion magazines trying to tell everyone what to wear and look like we don't need it from a bad internet writer as well.

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