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Tiny House for Sale in Arkansas Has Everything but Room {AOL Real Estate}

Mar 31st 2013 8:47AM

I could live in something like this. One friend had a house almost like this at a lake in R.I. He was a merchant seaman and he live at that house for about 6 months and he was at sea at 6 months. He retired after that. His house had a bedroom, kitchen and a garage. He had a outhouse not far from the house. I don't know how he washed up. At least this house has a bathroom and you can wash up. It's not bad and you can get used to it.

Up in Smoke: House Fire Reveals Huge Marijuana Operation {AOL Real Estate}

Jan 9th 2012 5:16PM

Look at the bright side, at least the firemen had a High Time fighting the fire.

Padre Alberto and family to welcome second child {Celestrellas}

Dec 22nd 2011 3:36PM

It is not odd. The Episcopal Church looks close like a Roman Catholic Church. They even call their priest, father. I am a Lutheran and the church I go to, almost half of the members are ex-Catholics. There is even a large crucifix right at the altar. I even wear a small crucifix on a chain. They pick a church close to the Catholic Church. The Eastern Catholic Church allows their priests to marry. This church is not the Orthodox Church.

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