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Cynthia Nixon and Partner Christine Marinoni Welcome Baby {PopEater}

Feb 9th 2011 4:53AM

Nixon did not have a baby. The other woman (who is dressed as a man in the picture) had a baby with a sperm donor. Congratulations to the sperm donor and the other woman who is dressed like a man in the picture. Nixon is so trendy that she thinks she is sexually attracted to a woman who dresses as a man. That doesn't make sense. It implies the other woman is very very confused and is trying to behave in a masculine way. If Nixon wants someone who is masculine, why didn't she stay with men? Okay, so some guy hurt her feelings and now she is on a "hate men/prefer women" kick.

How to Cope With the 4 Types of Cat Aggression {Pawnation OLD}

Feb 1st 2011 3:06PM

This entire article is proof that most dogs are more enjoyable than most cats fr a pet. Yes there are mean dog but people don't make excuses for them. Neurotic cats seem to be the norm. We had 3 cats and none exhibited the behavior discussed about in the article. However, I must say the most loving and friendly of the cats always seemed more like a dog than a cat. We also had two dogs.

Denise Richards Turning Down Tell-All Offers, Vows to Stand by Charlie Through Rehab {PopEater}

Feb 1st 2011 12:46AM

BS! Tiger isn't in jail. Neither is Whitney Houston who is Black most similar to Charlie in behavior. The difference is that Houston's spouses beat her and somehow she managed to look more doped up in public than Sheen ever has. No RICH black person goes to jail for doing what Charlie Sheen has done. Matter of fact, RICH black people can kill their ex wife (if she is white) and be found not guilty by their peers. So get off this "blacks go to jail" routine. Kobe avoided jail for rape the same way Big Ben did - by being a rich athlete.

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